Sound Hill takes a hands-on approach to searching for and optimizing assets in the Neighboring Rights space by utilizing our worldwide network of relationships with international collection societies

About us

Sound Hill is the neighboring rights division of Round Hill Music. We are a small, dedicated team with over a decade of combined Neighboring Rights experience located in both the U.S and U.K. We offer a unique service to artists and repertoire owners through partnerships aimed at identifying new claims and optimizing catalogs to benefit all parties involved.

Financial solutions

We are a financial resource for artists who need liquidity. We can offer advances to clients for full or partial acquisitions, or administration of rights of their catalogs.

International collections

We are experts at international foreign neighboring rights, and know all the dynamics of or this area, including the laws that govern these rights and mechanics of collection.

Claims / dispute management

We monitor and resolve all issues and disputes that regularly arise in the process of claiming royalty shares due to our clients.

Catalog optimization

Extensive experience identifying possible revenue and successfully cleaning data

Devoted staff

Personalized Service, Quick deal closings

Client portal

Customer Support for statement / payment inquiries, Sales Analytics, Mobile Friendly











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